Evolve RX x Atlas Power Wraps

The newest addition to our focused collection of products is the awesome Evolve RX custom Atlas Power wraps.

Wrist wraps have become one of the most important pieces of any CrossFit athlete’s equipment as they protect your wrists by providing support and stability during a workout. Atlas Power Wraps minimize stress to the joints and allow for a more complete workout.

The Atlas Power Wraps give just as much support as the traditional velcro wrist wrap but also offer the additional feature of being able to loosen them and tighten them without taking them off. This is helpful in mixed modality workouts (so pretty much any WOD you will do!) where you may want them for one movement but not another.

We decided to use the Atlas Power wraps for the Evolve RX product as they were simple and easy to use, they’re constructed with 100% breathable, machine washable cotton/poly, and they are also the perfect length and width.

The versatility and quality Atlas Power Wraps offer has attracted a massive audience and demand for their products, including The DC Brawlers team who were recently crowned champions of the first National Pro Grid League and have just been supplied their custom wraps for the coming 2015 season.

The Evolve RX Atlas Power Wraps are a must have item if you’re looking for a unique, stylish addition to your kit bag that will provide support and stability during all of your workouts.


It is now November and we are six weeks on from the launch of Evolve RX, and what an amazing six weeks it has been - Thank you! 


Since trading at both The Thorium Throwdown and The Inov-8 Autumn Rainhill trials we have received such an incredible response to our box and lifestyle brand and our first collection of products. In particularly our Evolve beanies and RX Logo sweatshirts which we sold out of after our first event.



The Thorium Throwdown held in Durham was the North East of England's first ever CrossFit competition as well as our first ever experience as vendors. The response was fantastic and we really did have an amazing time, everyone was very enthusiastic about our products and wanted to find out more about us, given we were the newbies on the CrossFit scene. People know quality and because of this we were an instant hit with all of the athletes and spectators there.


We managed to re-stock just in time for the Rainhill Trials a couple of weeks later held at SportCity in Manchester, we also introduced the Heather Red colour way to the sweatshirt collection. Once again the sweatshirts did not last long at all as they proved incredibly popular with everyone over the weekend, our stock levels soon depleted as more and more people wanted one of our 'must have' sweatshirts.


We were so happy to hear such positive feedback over the two events with lots of comments on the quality of our products and the clean, stylish design of the brand. It is great to hear your thoughts and feedback, especially when they are exactly what we were aiming for. Quality products with a simple design you can wear everyday. 


Our website has been well received with products now being shipped all over the country, then seeing you all representing the CrossFit lifestyle with Evolve RX via our Instagram account - remember to mention us in your posts and '#EvolveRX' so we can add you to our family! 


We have so many ideas and exciting plans for next year already and we can't wait to share them all with you. 



We are in particularly excited to announce our involvement in 'The Glacier Games - The Meltdown' as partners of the event. Registration is now open for what is set to be a huge event with finals being held at the Gateshead International Stadium with a massive prize fund of £5000! We will also be donating prizes for all winners so what are you waiting for? Head over to their Facebook page for more information and the link to register your place.


For now, keep working hard, keep progressing and keep growing..


Wear your passion and Evolve to RX.