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RX Training Hoody | Black

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Lift, Sprint, Jump, Coffee.  The RX Training Hoody adapts it all.

The fundamental nature of the RX collection is built around form and function with the body’s temperature control and comfort at the core of each piece.  In order to achieve this we have engineered the garments using moisture controlling fabrics in order to manage the perspiration away from the body and allow it to breathe easily and move freely.

Key Features

  • 360 degree stretch, soft-feel moisture controlling fabric
  • Two discrete ergonomic pockets built into the hems to minimise bulk
  • High neckline for addition protection during lifting
  • Secure built-in drawcords
  • Slimline-cut minimises material snag and bulking during lifting
  • Internal printed hood detail with subtle ERX branding throughout

88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
Unisex Size  XS (10), SML (12), MED (14), LRG (16), XLG (18)

As your workout intensifies and your body starts to produce sweat, our moisture controlling fabric draws the liquid away from the skin and transfers it via the fibres to the exterior of the textile, this releases the moisture for quick evaporation.  This allows the body to properly regulate its core temperature which can prevent issues like nasty bacterias building up in the fabric and the potential to cause hypothermia post workout.

The RX Collection has been designed to be versatile with a clear focus on lifting, rapid movements and endurance.  Engineered to ensure that we offer the best fit, comfort and materials to suit your training, from the box, to the gym to the sprint sessions on the track, this collection will stand up to it all.