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Evolve to RX

Life is a continual growth of our mind and body, as we evolve we grow in character and strength. Box fitness is our vessel. This is our key to unlocking the power to keeping our bodies healthy, our minds active and our state strong. 

It is a ceaseless evolution, if we are not pushing to secure one more rep or snatching at that last lift, then we are cheating ourselves.

We are a training and lifestyle brand that encompasses that passion, our drive for that extra rep. We don’t go home early, we smile at the next set, we welcome the inevitable.

Wear your passion and Evolve to RX.

Custom Clothing

Design your own clothing

Evolve Rx Ltd is a British fitness and gym wear company. We have been operating for 6 years and sold 1000s of garments all over the world. 

We pride ourselves on top quality, robust, high performance fitness and casual wear.

You can now have the same high quality for your gym as we are offering fully customisable clothing from as little as £7.50 per garment.

Evolve Together

Evolve RX was brought together to create a brand that represented the training lifestyle as a whole. The lifestyle. The Journey.

Becoming the best version of ourselves  is more than just an hour or two at the gym, it's about living well, training hard and pushing to reach our goals both inside and outside of the gym.

New Arrivals

This Season's Training Essentials. while adding a touch of luxury to your training wardrobe with our LUXE RX Collection.


Never Stop Becoming


Evolve RX is a UK based Training and Lifestyle brand providing fitness apparel that focuses on quality, comfort and style. Wear Your Passion and represent the Training lifestyle before, during and after each workout with Evolve RX. 

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Performance. Growth. Evolution