Evolve RX x Atlas Power Wraps

The newest addition to our focused collection of products is the awesome Evolve RX custom Atlas Power wraps.

Wrist wraps have become one of the most important pieces of any CrossFit athlete’s equipment as they protect your wrists by providing support and stability during a workout. Atlas Power Wraps minimize stress to the joints and allow for a more complete workout.

The Atlas Power Wraps give just as much support as the traditional velcro wrist wrap but also offer the additional feature of being able to loosen them and tighten them without taking them off. This is helpful in mixed modality workouts (so pretty much any WOD you will do!) where you may want them for one movement but not another.

We decided to use the Atlas Power wraps for the Evolve RX product as they were simple and easy to use, they’re constructed with 100% breathable, machine washable cotton/poly, and they are also the perfect length and width.

The versatility and quality Atlas Power Wraps offer has attracted a massive audience and demand for their products, including The DC Brawlers team who were recently crowned champions of the first National Pro Grid League and have just been supplied their custom wraps for the coming 2015 season.

The Evolve RX Atlas Power Wraps are a must have item if you’re looking for a unique, stylish addition to your kit bag that will provide support and stability during all of your workouts.