Evolve RX

Evolve RX Athletic Grips

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Athletic Grips engineered to be lightweight, supportive and adaptable. 

An external rubber layer brings durability and flexibility to the grip whilst the inner microfibre layer is structured to resist abrasion and wick away moisture. 

The microfibre grip works without chalk due to the non-slip design of the material. If needed, we suggest just using chalk on your hands only, rather than on the external material of the grips.

The construction is layered to allow the grip to retain shape and minimise any fabric stretch during demanding usage. The ergonomic shape adds protection around the thumb and gives a seamless feel during your workout. 

These grips are ideal for pull ups, muscle ups, and toes to bar. The external rubber material works best with powder-coated and painted bars or rigs. 


  • Durable and flexible
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Non-Slip microfibre inner
  • Minimal Stretch 
  • Ergonomic Fit, Seamless Feel

Use and care

Our grips are made from inner microfibre materials and an external rubber that are both resistant to sweat and dirt but the more you use your grips you may need to clean them. 

Hot, soapy water will do and make sure you dry them away from direct heat to protect and extend the life of your grips.